Czech Taxi #27

Czech Taxi 27: I get called to pick up someone at the Solarium Fitness on Evropská in Prague 6. This must be a dream? I can’t believe this blond chick is even real? She’s an amazing looking sporty girl with a fabulous body. Get in, young lady! I don’t see stunners like her every day when I’m driving my Prague cab. This lovely chick needs something to wake up a bit and I have something she’ll never forget. This is the most powerful energetic bar she could find in the whole of the Czech capital. Alone with an unknown guy in the midst of a forest. It’s certainly not what decent girls would do. But her soaking wet pussy betrays her. Let loose that pussy! Screwing this blonde babe was amazing! She was moaning most of the time and even squirted a couple of times!!! Watch the proof!

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