Czech Spy #1

Czech Spy 1: D-day is here my friends! These unbelievable spy glasses were used in action for the very first time! Ales is our chosen spy. He and his friend Libor went to a beach to pick up some hot girls. The game is on! Today they want to get laid! Nobody suspected Ales’ glasses are actually a top-notch spy camera. There are dozens of pretty babes! Who will our guys pick? They go for Sandra and Klara, two young hotties. They look very promising and friendly. Man, let’s buy them some drinks, get them wasted and fuck them! That’s what I call a perfect plan! The dream of all voyeurs might come true! Our boys bought a shitload of booze and went hunting. under the sun it’s easy to get drunk! Let’s stop and play some games with these girls! One kiss and suddenly Sandra’s sweet pussy is being fingered and Sandra is sucking on a cock. Amazing Czech foursome in public filmed with our spy glasses – a live broadcast from a top secret mission! This was an experience to remember & repeat! This is the best voyeur sex you’ll ever see! The first of it’s kind in the world! Let’s start a new era in spying!

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2 guys wearing spy glasses fucking 2 pretty Czech girls in public park

Czech Spy has hidden camera in his glasses

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